philosophical counseling


Work with clients 1-on-1, or group work, on a variety of philosophical topics, such as

  • Dilemmas, moral or practical

  • Conflicts, torn decisions, interpersonal struggles

  • Religious issues: doubt, loss of faith, conflicting beliefs and values, etc.

  • Formulating a philosophy of life, ethical code, set of values, and/or life plan

  • Spiritual issues: alternative forms of spirituality, spiritual paths, spiritual confusion

  • Taking control of one’s life, one’s behavior, one’s relationships, one’s time

  • Search for meaning, purpose, direction, understanding

  • At a crossroads, uncertainty about the next step, finding one’s way

  • Existential confusion, suffering, the struggle to digest existence

  • Mind-altering substances: psychedelics, intoxicants, sobriety

  • Changing behavioral patterns

  • Emotional reactivity: understanding and dealing with anger, shame, fear, etc.

  • Aging, loss of abilities, illness, hospice, death of loved ones

  • Major life-change stress: change of job, end of marriage/relationship, relocation

  • Stress reduction

  • Wellness strategies, meditation practices, yoga, etc.

  • Creating meaningful rituals

  • Self-inquiry, self-examination, self-development, self-control, self-empowerment

  • Customized meditation techniques and spiritual practices

  • Any problem you may have that might benefit from philosophical counseling

  • Any issue of philosophical interest to you

  • Any philosophical text, theory, view, or argument you’d like to co-explore


Cyber Philosophical Counseling​


Same as Philosophical Counseling, above, except online, via Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, or some similar technology.