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CV ~ Curriculum Vita

The Curriculum Vita (Latin: "life work") or CV is the technical term for the academic resume. Within academia, the norm is to include just about anything that might be relevant to one's academic career, directly or indirectly: degrees, publications, grants, awards, presentations, conferences, positions, classes taught, areas of expertise and competence, and so on. It is incredibly long and thus somewhat of an information overload. For that reason, I simply attach it here as a document you can download, should you wish to know the bulk of my work history. Believe it or not, I've left many things out, first, because I have worked, since age 13, and at many diverse jobs, including chimney cleaner, tractor trailer driver, street paver, pizza maker, busboy, waiter, bar doorman, and so on, none of which is directly relevant to my academic credentials, but also because I tend to not keep notes on many of the things I do.

But my curriculum vita in the broader sense, of my life's work, my calling, although reflected in my CV, is somewhat obscured by the CV's many details. My life's work is to bring philosophy, and what I think is the most insightful, transformative, empowering, liberating philosophical tool, meditation, to as many as possible. My experiences in meditation are what have informed my entire philosophical journey. My meditation practice is what has brought stability, discipline, virtue, and wisdom to my life. And my sharing of philosophical practices with people from all walks of life, particularly philosophically-informed meditation practices, is most inspiring and rewarding.  




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