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Philosophical Counselors are professional, certified philosophers who apply their professional philosophical skills, methods, principles, insights and other tools to help individuals or groups sort out, better understand, and resolve any number of personal, moral, social, relationship, professional, or behavioral issues, much in the way that psychotherapists and other mental health professionals, counselors, and life coaches do, except our methods focus more directly on clients' understanding, reasons, beliefs, values, goals, expectations, choices, actions, habits, and the relationships between these. (While this is a simplification, and there is definitely overlap on both sides, working through emotional memories might be said to be more the psychotherapists' primary focus.) 


Each of us has a philosophy of life, but few have a conscious philosophy. If our beliefs, values, and goals are not consciously formulated, our choices, efforts, and actions are likely to be scattered, at odds with themselves, or self-defeating.


Philosophical Counselors' primary intentions are to help their clients uncover their own inner philosopher, in order to help them to formulate their own philosophies of life for themselves. Philosophical Counseling is designed to empower individuals to take charge of their own lives, and thus it is typically short-term. 

Although clients typically come to Philosophical Counseling focused on a specific issue, problem, or question, and although we do help them resolve those particular issues, the greater goal is to empower them, primarily through philosophical dialogue, to reflect on, sort out, and consciously construct their own philosophies of life.


If we develop a conscious philosophy and a working philosophical toolkit, we will be able to function more whole-heartedly, knowing how to respond wisely to adversity, challenges, and opportunities. That is the goal of Philosophical Counseling: empowering everyday people through practical philosophy.

Philosophical Counselors also conduct a variety of activities to bring practical philosophy to the general public, such as Philosophy Cafes, Socratic Dialogues, Ethics Trainings, Hospice Work, Talking Circles, and, among others, various customized workshops, classes, and events. For more information, click the links below.

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