Free Philosophical Counseling: Pro Bono Offer

In the spirit of my “philosophy to the people” initiative (, that is, my belief that philosophy needs to be made relevant and accessible to the everyday lives of ordinary people, and because I want to be someone whose efforts help to make that happen, I am offering up to three new clients within the next 30 days up to three free philosophical counseling sessions to ordinary folks who might have a desire to engage in a philosophical dialogue, not only with a professional philosopher, but with a certified philosophical counselor – a professional philosopher who has taken the requisite training to engage in philosophical counseling, the art and practice of applying philosophy – and anything in the philosopher’s toolkit – to address issues, questions, challenges, problems, and puzzles arising in the everyday lives of ordinary, otherwise healthy, sane, everyday people. I ask only one thing in return: that if both the client and I agree, I will publish the session(s) publicly on my website(s) for the sake of others who may benefit from witnessing how philosophical counseling sessions work and may be beneficial to those who participate in them. 


So, if you are willing to share your philosophical curiosities with someone who specializes in helping ordinary people (by which I mean, not necessarily other philosophers, though even they may need and benefit from philosophical counseling), then email me at, and, if our schedules permit, we will set up a Zoom philosophical counseling session. I will not publish our session(s) if you are reluctant to share it publicly, but if you are willing to allow me to publish one, then I am willing to have a second free session with you, and the same for a third session.


Please use the form below to notify me, or, for quicker results, please email me directly at